Know Your Theory Planned Features

At this point I have built out all the basic exercises for I use these exercises on my phone every week with my students and they seem to be learning a lot.

Here is a list of planned features.

A Lot More Videos!

I plan on doing short 1-2 minute videos on the concepts drilled in the app. These videos will be placed in between the different exercises.

For teachers

  • manage student accounts
  • assign students specific exercises
  • students can have their own account on their (parent’s) device

For students

  • track own progess
  • sign up under a specific teacher account
  • recieve notifications of new assignments from your teacher
  • or sign up without a teacher

More exercises

  • harmonic analysis with real examples from the repertoire (e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach,…, Miles Davis, The Beatles)
  • rhythm training — counting, clapping, …
  • jazz harmony and theory